| Spotlight Series☀️

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“Community is a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”

During last week’s Springboard with Lift360, one of the panelists raised a simple, yet thought provoking question:  Does School Square aspire to be a platform, or do you actually aim to be a community?  Without blinking an eye we all answered: School Square is a community.  I mean, schools are the natural centers of communities.  It just makes sense.  But we realized we needed a way to show that…  

That’s when the Spotlight Series☀️ was born.  So what is it, you’re wondering?

Well, this is larger than just School Square.  We know that we are a vast community of teachers, students, volunteers and business leaders who are working tirelessly in schools across this beautiful city of ours.  We are a fellowship with a common goal to support teachers, inspire students, spark learning opportunities and strengthen this city we lovingly call home.  We contribute to our community in unique ways, but in the end, we are stronger because of each other’s support and collective impact.  

The Spotlight Series☀️ will shine a light on individuals and organizations who are fighting the good fight in schools with and alongside School Square.

We want to listen to their stories, discover who and what has inspired them along their journey and share with the world what has lead them to education.  Whether we catch them over coffee or observe them in their natural habitat busy at work, these profiles will bring to life and light the often unrecognized work that keeps our community running.  Let’s be honest, these are the people who have inspired us to do this work.  We know they will inspire you, too.       

Does all this talk of local heroes make you think of someone in particular who deserves a good old fashioned round of applause?  If that’s the case, let us know!

We’d love to consider them for the Spotlight Series☀️.  Just comment below and share their name or, for a more discreet shout out, email ahutchins@schoolsquare.org.  Either way, don’t let their good work go unnoticed!   

Friends, that is what a community is.  And that is what School Square is all about.

Stay tuned…