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It’s been a little over a month since the School Square team had our Springboard Session with Lift360, and wow, what a month it’s been!  The session was an incredible resource, and we’ve wasted no time connecting with the panelists and putting their great ideas into motion.  Take a moment and get caught up on all the action!

1.  A marketing campaign on LinkedIn?  Yes, please!

We connected with panelist Tamara Thomas, Interim Vice President of IT at Martin’s Point Healthcare.  She is part of Lift360’s Leadership Intensive, and her group aims to help us create a marketing campaign that can be shared on Linkedin that would drive potential volunteers to School Square.  I mean, how awesome is that!?

2. Possibilities with The VIA Agency 

With Tammy’s help, we also connected with John Coleman, CEO of The VIA Agency.  They are well known for their giving spirit (check this out!) and he’s open to connecting us with his employees about possible interest in supporting School Square.  If there is, he will provide us a forum to present and collaborate with their agency’s employees!  In a letter to the awesomely generous and creative VIA employees, Simon wrote:

“We look to you, VIA, to help us dream up a plan to engage a national audience in our vision of connecting communities, supporting teachers, and inspiring kids like never before. Engage them, excite them and help them realize that a financial contribution to School Square is a contribution to the health and happiness of the our schools, children and collective future. ”

3. Debrief with the Lift360 Team

With the help of their brilliant minds, the team sat down with the Carol and Gretchen and did some serious reflection on all questions, ideas and suggestions that the Springboard panelists brought up.  Two things were front and center: growing our board and short-term strategic planning.  Well, that and fundraising…but raising money to build our platform is always front and center!  However, Carol and Gretchen helped to guide and support us in really honing in on how we can expand our board to bring more, diverse minds and experiences to the table.  We worked together to sketch out what our board structure and committees could look like and then identified those areas of expertise we’re seeking: law, accounting, tech, school administration, etc.  The team is now starting to network, build relationships and make thoughtful, strategic additions to our board!

4. Our platform keeps getting better and better

With all of the great ideas the Springboard panelists generated, our platform is quickly becoming the most beautiful and user-friendly site you’ve ever seen.  I mean it.  It’s awesome.  In the coming weeks we might just even share a sneak peek with y’all…

Stay tuned!