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What was your most memorable learning experience in high school? Do you remember? Larry Rosenstock, Founder, and CEO of High Tech High has been asking this question to teachers and parents for years, and the answers he gets are almost always the same.

1. It was a project.

2. It involved the community.

3. It had a fear of failure and recognition of success.

4. It had a mentor.

5. It had a public display of student work.

Were you thinking of something similar?

Larry built his school around these factors, making student engagement the centerpiece of his learning model. On the flip-side, a 2017 Gallup Poll surveying one million U.S. students found that half of them were disengaged from school. It suggested that engagement drops as students age because older students feel less cared for by adults and see less value in their work. Does that sound about right, too?

So, what can you do about it?

Start a project. Be a mentor. Help a teacher. Get involved.

Every little bit counts.

*Learn more about High Tech High and Larry Rosenstock in the documentary Most Likely to Succeed available on Youtube.