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There are many roles volunteers can play in improving your neighborhood school while supporting, engaging, and inspiring its students. Here’s a short list to get you thinking about how you can help.

Answer Student Questions : Students have questions, a lot of them, right?! This volunteer opportunity could be answering a student’s question by email, phone, or in-person.

Classroom Helper : Elementary school teachers are always on the go! An extra pair of hands to button coats, sharpen pencils, and make photocopies, are a few of the many things this volunteer could do that makes a huge difference.

Math Volunteer : You can help students with math concepts at whatever level you are comfortable with.

Literacy Volunteer : Support elementary-school students by reading to them and listening to them read to you; help with writing, vocabulary and other skills a student might need to strengthen.

Expert Panelist : Speak to a class, club or other group about your area of expertise, such as your craft, job, or the subject of your research.

Field Trip Chaperone : Help a teacher make the school day fun and safe while leading a group of students throughout the field trip.

Host Field Trips : Invite a class or group of students to learn about your organization or place of business.

Host Student Intern : Host a student so they can get a first-hand look at your profession.

Lunch & Learn : Teach students about your career or area of interest over lunch. It will be a lunch they’ll always remember!

Mentor : Connect with a student in a friendly and supportive conversation regularly over a period of time.

Tutor : Support one or two students to help them with their academic work.

Parent Volunteer Coordinator : Help teachers find and schedule volunteers for varying classroom roles.

Small Group Presenter : If you don’t want to present to an entire class, but feel comfortable sharing your expert knowledge or career to a small group this would be the perfect opportunity to you!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”