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“School needs to be so much more like sports. In sports, there’s a game and it’s in front of audience. We run school like it is nonstop practice. You never get a game. Nobody would ever go out for the basketball team if you never had a game. What is the game for students?”

Greg Jouriles, teacher, Co-creator of Trial of Human Nature

Did you like practicing or playing in the games? If you’re like me, the games we’re the best part – it’s why we played in the first place!

Now, imagine if there were no games – just practice – day in and day out – would you play?

Think about how we’ve set up most of our schools. We’ve told our teachers they need to keep up with the curriculum, given them fewer resources, and higher test-driven expectations.

We’ve made schools where all students do is practice.

Practice, practice, practice!

There is no game, well not exactly.

There is standardized test day. Talk about fun!

“Can I have student and teacher anxiety for 400, Alex?” That’s game day for our kids! That has to be literally the worst game ever!

The good news is more and more schools are stepping away from test-driven curriculum and engaging their students with the real-world; building presentations, exhibitions, and celebrations right into their curriculum. These schools are leading this important change and we are with them all the way!