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What does an engineer actually do? I’m 36 and I still don’t know! What is it like to be a nurse, carpenter, or an entrepreneur? Do you know?

Do you want students to know about the different opportunities and careers in your community?

If so, where do you begin? We believe the first step is identifying who is willing to give their time to the students in their communities.

These caring adults can create their custom profiles on SchoolSquare.

Are you one these people? You can create your profile right now, just click here!

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SchoolSquare’s volunteer profiles include Name, Email, Place of Employment, Employment Role, Volunteer Interests, Skills and Expertise, Volunteer Experience, and what volunteers would like to share with students.

We imagine a future where students are identifying their skills, interests, and passions each and every school year and our community is playing an expanded role in supporting these interests with their own.

Are you interested in learning more about SchoolSquare in your school community?

If you are, let us know by emailing us today!