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When you were a kid how did you learn about the different careers in your community? Did you have a career-day in your classroom or an event at your school?

Whether you experienced career day or not, do you want your children to know about the different local opportunities where you work and live?

Well, it’s a lot of work to organizing a classroom, school, or district-wide event. The planning, outreach, vetting, and management takes a lot of time – something teachers and staff wish they had more of!

In addition to a shortage of time and organizational resources, in Maine, workforce development is a central issue, and many businesses struggle to find enough workers to keep growing. Whether it’s tech or the trades these good paying jobs need to be filled with qualified workers to build a strong economy. There are a few great organizations leading the charge in workforce development, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Year after year, Maine businesses have trouble finding enough qualified employees.

We need to do more. But, how do we do that with limited resources?

This is where SchoolSquare can fill some gaps; our volunteer request tickets can save teachers and outreach staff time so they can do more of this important work! Efficiency is the key: by simplifying these processes and building a network of people willing to give their time to the schools of their communities we can do more.

If you’re interested in connecting your teachers and students with local professionals in your community reach out to us today! We’d love to hear from you!