Built to bring schools and communities closer together.

At SchoolSquare, we understand that engaging parents and community partners is critical to improving your students’ outcomes. We also know just how difficult that can be. From manually filling out paperwork to coordinating partners, the partner management process can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

Our Founder & CEO Simon Williams experienced these challenges firsthand while he worked as an ed-tech for the Portland (Maine) Public Schools. In 2015, he created SchoolSquare. Now, our software makes partner management easier and more efficient — allowing your school to focus on developing relationships with the community and developing programs that support your students’ success.

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We will expand parent and community engagement in half of United States K-12 Schools by 2025 because creating meaningful community-based connections is essential to help students succeed in school and in life.


We imagine a world where students wake up excited to go to school, feel safe and engaged when they are there, and leave each day feeling like they contributed to something bigger than themselves.

Our Team

Simon Wiliams
Founder & CEO

Simon Williams

After playing professional baseball for six years, Simon served in the PeaceCorp for over two years. Those experiences led him to coaching and education, where he continues pursuing his passion for community engagement, volunteerism, mentoring, and inspiring kids. Currently, he resides in South Portland, ME with his wife Betsy and daughter Avery. 

Software Development

Vinko Buble

Vinko Buble is Co-Founder & CEO of Backlog Zero, Inc., an innovation-minded software development agency. During his 20 year professional career Vinko primarily served in software engineering leadership positions. As a high-tech startup founder, Vinko has built one successful business and is currently the founder and co-founder of two early-stage startups with market traction. Vinko leads SchoolSquare’s software development team.