Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Signup on my account?

Teachers and Volunteer Coordinators can easily sign up using their school email address. Watch a quick tutorial to learn what to do.

How do I send a volunteer request ticket?

Teachers and Volunteer Coordinators can learn how to send a volunteer request ticket by watching this short tutorial video.

What is SchoolSquare?

SchoolSquare is an online platform that improves student outcomes by expanding parent and community engagement in K-12 schools. It’s software has the ability to easily register, vet, connect, and schedule parent and community partners with classroom teachers and their students. These partners can support schools as academic tutors, mentors, guest presenters, expert panelists, parent chaperones, and classroom helpers. 

Why do I need SchoolSquare?

Managing parent and community partners requires an extensive amount of time that simply does not exist for many schools and their staff. We make the process of finding, vetting, and scheduling the perfect community partner easy for teachers and school staff. 

How does SchoolSquare help me to better engage with parent and community partners?

SchoolSquare allows you to engage with parent and community partners by sending email messages to individuals or groups of parents or community members. You can send:

  • Automated Confirmation and Reminder Messages
  • Manual Emails to any number of parent or community partners using our filtering system to identify the exact group of individuals with whom you would like to communicate. 

What does SchoolSquare cost?

$2/per student/year, plus $6 for each background check of a community partner.

Do I need to use SchoolSquare’s background checks?

No. You can perform background checks through your own vendor if desired. 

Who provides the background checks?

JDP provides a national background check and sex offender search for school districts interested in outsourcing their volunteer screening process.

Am I limited on the number of community partners who can use the platform?

Schools are not limited to the number of community partners that can use the platform. 

Am I limited on the number of teachers who can use the platform?

Schools are not limited to the number of teachers who can use the platform.

Do community partners need to be in my area/school district?

Community partners do not need to be in a specific area to support the school community. 

Is there a limit on the number of volunteer opportunities we post?

There is no limit on the number of opportunities posted.

Can teachers work with known community partners who aren’t enrolled in SS?

If the school wants to collect accurate volunteer data we ask all partners to create profiles on SchoolSquare. 

I’m not finding enough partners in my district. How can I get the word out to use this platform?

To help get the word out you can post partner request tickets on your social media profiles. 

What happens if a partner is a problem (doesn’t show up/or on time, doesn’t have expertise claimed)? Is there a way to flag them in the system?

Teachers can review the partner after the volunteer opportunity is complete. Positive feedback will be included on the partners profile and negative feedback will be sent to a designated school employee. 

What types of reporting can SS provide?

Reports can be run over any date range on individual volunteers, groups of volunteers, new volunteers, specific events, interests, or custom fields. 

What grade levels can SchoolSquare be used for?


I’m not part of a school system, can I still use SchoolSquare?

Only contracted schools can use SchoolSquare’s software to locate and manage community partners. 

How long does it take to set up?

Time of setup depends on if the school wants SchoolSquare to do its background checks. If the school does not, a brief teacher training is all that is required to begin using the software.