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“Imagine a world where the vast majority of kids wake up inspired to go to school, feel safe and engaged while they are there, and leave each day feeling like they contributed to something greater than themselves.”

Is this a world you would like to live in? If so, would you like to know how to get there?

Well I would, but I don’t have all the answers on how we get there.  Like you, I’m hungry to find out more! I want to know-

  • What is working in schools today that is helping kids succeed?
  • What can community members do to help teachers increase their student’s success?
  • How can we create a system of education that not only engages the vast majority of kids but inspires them to learn and contribute to their communities?

I’ll be writing to you weekly with what I’ve uncovered, providing you insights and offerings on how we together can help kids succeed.

As School Square enters its third year of connecting schools with the people of our communities, we have an exciting development in the works!

On October 22nd we’ll be launching our Kickstarter Campaign and will look to you, our community of supporters, to pledge small financial contributions, so we can build our online platform that will register, vet, connect and schedule community volunteers with classroom teachers.

Do you want help us today?

Share this post on your social media pages and the date of our upcoming Kickstarter Campaign- October 22nd! And if you’re really feeling helpful tell your community why you think connecting schools to the people of our communities is so important!

I love to hear from you, so please reach out with any questions, comments, or findings you have in helping kids succeed.

Best Wishes,