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Last time we connected we were about to put our platform in the hands of a small group of teachers at Longfellow Elementary School in Portland, Maine with the goal of saving them time while finding the perfect volunteer to support their classroom needs.

So, what happened?

Well, to make a long story short, it worked!

Here’s an example!

Emily Serway, Longfellow’s amazing art teacher needed a helping hand (literally) hanging student artwork throughout the school.

So, this is what she did:

She logged onto her SchoolSquare profile and filled out a Volunteer Request Form. Then, with a simple click of a button, she sent the “request” to the email addresses of her students’ parents. Within a day, six parents notified her via ScholSquare of their interest and before she knew it had the assistance needed in helping her students’ artwork shine!

Emily sent the request to her students’ parents. They received an email in their inboxes that read “Can You Volunteer at Longfellow School?” Interested parents (there were 6!) clicked the highlighted link (shown below) which notified Emily.

Emily put it perfectly- “when students see their art in the halls, they see themselves as artists”. We love this and we’re so happy a Longfellow parent could give Emily the assistance she needed in helping her students see themselves as artists! Keep up the great work Longfellow Elementary School!