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Community is a vital part of everyday life and is something that we all want and need to be part of. Being part of a community helps to provide us with support, improves knowledge, and gives a sense of belonging. This idea of community is just as important when it comes to education, and community schools are providing young students with a unique way of learning.

What is a Community School?

A community school is a partnership between a school and an array of resources within the local community. It focuses on integrating academics alongside health, social services, and youth development.

By working with other institutions within the local area, it helps to significantly improve how students learn, creates stronger family bonds, and builds a healthier community. A community school focuses on creating a more personalized approach to the curriculum, utilizing real-world learning to improve student learning.

A community school is the hub of the local area, open to families, children, and community members. This ensures students are more engaged and supported to achieve academically while helping people to feel more part of their local community.

Easily Connect Your School With Parent and Community Partners

At SchoolSquare, we know schools want to have a strong positive connection with their community and provide their students meaningful learning experiences. But, often they don’t have the time or the resources to make this happen. After you install SchoolSquare’s affordable online network and invite the community to support and engage your teachers and students, you will have created a strong school-community partnership and more parents and community members will feel a positive connection with your school. This will result in more people supporting your school and more students succeeding in school and in life. 

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